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Adblock for Youtube is an application allowing you to forget about the advertisement coming from YouTube. Download Adblock for Youtube and save your time enhancing the time you spend viewing videos. Design 10/10 There is nothing to say about this extension as far as you do not even see it as you are used to. Just a little icon which with parameters and settings available in a pop-up window in the form of a list of option. You can choose any of it and follow the instructions appearing on the screen. Functionality 10/10 If y...

Version 2.0.5
Rating 4.58
Number of voters 4299
Number of downloads 56,973
Author YouTube Fun Tools
Short Description Best Adblock for YouTube, faster and lighter than others. It automatically hides YouTube ads!
Updated data October 12, 2017
Size 38471.68
Languages 0-Deutsch
1- English
2- English (UK)
3- English (United States)
4- Français
5- Nederlands
6- Tiếng Việt
7- Türkçe
8- español
9- español (Latinoamérica)
10- italiano
11- polski
12- português (Brasil)
13- português (Portugal)
14- русский
15- עברית
16- हिन्दी
17- ไทย
18- ‫العربية
19- 中文 (简体)
20- 中文 (繁體)
21- 日本語
22- 한국어
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