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Version 3.1.4 - Fix font sizes on custom apps page and random loading issue causing 'hello page' on redirects. Version 3.1.3 - Fix redirecting wrong tab when tabs are switched quickly Version 3.1.2 - bug fixes Version 3.1.1 - Fix page/address focus. Added option to use 'update' only (which puts cursor in address bar). Version 3.1 - 'optional' permissions are now optional and users can individually grant or deny these permissions from the new custom 'Apps' page or from the options page. - Detailed description of all optional and r...

Version 3.1.4
Rating 4.08
Number of voters 3108
Number of downloads 701,553
Author Jim Schubert
Author url
Short Description Allows a user to provide the URL of the page that loads in a new tab.
Updated data November 16, 2014
Size 1625292.8
Languages 0-Deutsch
1- English
2- Français
3- Türkçe
4- español
5- italiano
6- português (Brasil)
7- русский
8- ‫العربية
9- 中文 (简体)
10- 日本語
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