TOP-7 tried and true Chrome plugins for your Internet security

Cybersecurity is becoming a top of mind for all Internet users. Safety risks are constantly evolving. Thus the Web-community needs better protection from different attacks, damages, and unauthorized access. The hackers become more innovative and able to destroy or seize your data, software, extort money from users or interrupt business processes. To prevent the malicious acts, you should perform “cyber hygiene”. Some of these security tasks are easily done. For example, installing the security plugins to your Google Chrome. Read further and find out the TOP-7 extensions for your browser to keep you safe on the Internet.


Avast is a modern defence plugin that takes care of your data and software safety. It is attentive to all the Internet threats. It looks for phishing sites and warns you about them. Avast prevents your network activity from tracking. Next to every link, this plugin shows its rank. And if you try to visit some suspicious sites, Avast will premonish you of their bad reputation. In addition to all that sweet features, Avast blocks annoying pop-up windows. Nice job, Avast!


It’s a plugin for precise, fast and safe navigation. This is how Ghostery positions itself in the row with other security extensions. It detects and blocks network tracking systems, protects your data, speeds up page loading, and removes distracting elements. As you know, different distractors can be placed on the web page like advertising or site analytics. With the help of Ghostery, you can switch all or select the most disturbing ones and remove them. The plugin also shares the information on each tracker, so if you are interested just click on it, and read. If there are sites you are confident in, mark them as trusted and the Ghostery won’t block the trackers on it.  


Keep your data, identity and internet connection safe with the military-grade encryption of PureVPN. This Chrome extension is smart enough to combat all sorts of malicious entities. It provides advanced Internet security, so once you are connected, a virtual IP hides your data and real identity. Unlike many other VPN services, PureVPN offers you a fast speed Internet capability. So you will bypass censorship, geo-blocking comfortably and quickly, and avoid any online threats. At one time you get the complete Internet security and the total freedom in the world wide web.


Strong passwords are an essential component of user’s security. To protect your data you surely need to use various passes of high complexity on different sites. Generating and remembering all of them is almost an impossible mission. Here comes LastPass. With this extension, all your unique and complex paroles will be reliably encrypted and saved in one secure place. Your only task - not to forget the only password to your LastPass manager. It is easy-to-use, convenient and reliable, and it can be as well protected by two-factor authentication.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is known as a protocol to support encryption for enhanced security of users. The higher level of encryption allows you to feel more safe and protected on the Internet. Nevertheless, many sites still use HTTP by default. To solve this issue, start using HTTPS Everywhere extension, and it will use the safe protocol to the unprotected connection. All you need is to install the plugin. Once you do that, HTTPS Everywhere works invisibly.

The shortened links can be very dangerous indeed. Behind the cut name a severe threat can hide such as a redirect to a malicious website. The latter brings malware and viruses, so you’d better watch out! plugin can become your reliable assistant to avoid such danger. It will reveal a page on which you have been redirected and its level of safety. Thus you will be able to decide to proceed or leave the site. blocks some tracking cookies on your destination URL as well.

Credit Card Nanny

The number of payment transactions via the Internet is incredibly high. Paying for services and products merely sitting on your comfortable sofa or using your smartphone from any location in the world is extremely convenient. Nevertheless, it is dangerous too. Your credit card information is a sensitive data, so you must carefully prevent it from being accessed by hackers. Credit Card Nanny extension looks after your personal data and the reliability of website which asks you to provide it. When the plugin finds the page suspicious, it warns you of a threat.

Ransomware, malware, social engineering, and phishing - these are the threats that can menace your safety on the Internet. And it is only an approximate list of them. The cyber attacks become more innovative, so implementing effective web security is particularly challenging. Be conscious in this cyber combat, manage the required acts, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by advantages of the safe Internet.

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