Relax and Take Notes: Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Notes

There is no place like the Internet to do an extensive research. Either it's a college study on the social protest in Percy Shelley's poetry or a report on the growth of koala population in central Queensland, odds are you'll spend a load of time combing through the web.

In such a case, taking notes and saving interesting/useful info is essential. And if you're a Chrome user, you're just in luck: Chrome Web Store has some amazing extensions, from which we've selected top 5 Chrome plugins for notes to make your work easier.


AnnoPad - your own URL library

AnnoPad is a compact and neat note-maker designed specifically for URLs. It "remembers" and stores the links to the sites you are researching in the All category.

But AnnoPad isn't just another humble bookmark app. Every link you save can be supplied with commentaries, remarks, and ideas. If you made an important observation or had a clever, worthy thought, while viewing the page - highlight it using the bold or italics. Bulleted and numbered lists are also at your service. The notes themselves can be rearranged either in newest first or oldest first orders.

To back up your notes or share them with your colleagues, you can export them into PDF and TXT documents. Unfortunately, no cloud storage support is available.

AnnoPad is easy-to-use and works fine for saving URLs and annotating them.

Yellow highlighter pen for the web - a magic marker

Yellow highlighter basically does only just the very thing it promises in its name. It highlights text, in yellow.

When you launch the extension, it automatically generates a link to a duplicate of the webpage in question. It saves all the highlights you made with the yellow marker and you can save or share the cloned page with whoever you want via Facebook, Twitter or copy-pasting the link.

The plugin is freemium, that's why the cloned pages are shown with an advertising banner on top. It's not that much pesky, but if you want to exclude all the distractions you can invest:

  • $10 - 1 year

  • $25 - 3 years

  • $100 - the eternity

Besides your friends won't have to see the ads as well.

Yellow highlighter pen for the web is extremely simple, and its ads aren't an eyesore.

Note Anywhere - classic stickers on your screen

There's no denial: yellow sticky notes are a timeless classic. Note Anywhere enables you to create as many of them on one webpage as you only need. Simply click on the icon of the plugin to make them show up.

The stickers are literally glued to the webpage permanently until you delete them. And if you close the page and then return to it later - stickers will still be there. They can be moved in any direction, and if you'd like to make some changes, you can  customize:

  • Text & background color

  • Fonts - 7 types, including Aerial, Helvetica, and Monospace

  • Size - small, medium, large

  • Bar text/background color

To adjust the stickers, right-click on the Note Anywhere icon and click on Settings. Also, the icon indicates how many stickers you've created on the page. In the Notes Summary, you'll find links to the web pages where you've previously created the stickers.

So far Note Anywhere is the best Chrome sticky note plugin there is.

Weava Highlighter - highlight in any color

This plugin is a bit more elaborate highlighter with a broader functionality. Before you can use it, you'll be offered to sign up. This step is skippable, but if you want to back up/share your notes then it's unavoidable. After that, a short interrogation will follow about for what purpose you're using Weava etc. Random clicking will work fine.

Weava offers more colors for highlighting (including pink) apart from the classic yellow. The highlights can be annotated.

You can use Weave either right on the page you're viewing or via the Weava's dashboard, where you can organize the notes into folders and open PDFs as well. Notes can be exported  into:

  • Word

  • Excel

  • TXT

  • CSV

Extra features include:

  • Custom colors

  • Creating sub-folders for better organizing

  • Cloud storage (no limit)

  • Clipping pictures to your notes

  • Real-time collaborating with other people

The subscription costs $3.99 - monthly, billing per month or $3.33 - monthly, billing per year.

Weave Highlighter has a rich number of handy features even in its free version.

Loom - quick video notes

Loom isn't just a note-maker - it's a whole video studio, crammed in one browser plugin.

It's best for creating:

  • Notes

  • Instructions

  • Briefings

  • Quick updates.

  • Presentations

And so on. In a video format.

Loom offers a variety of features:

  • Unlimited storage for your recordings.

  • High-quality picture.

  • Saving videos in MP4.

  • Instant sharing (via HTML)

  • Hours of recording with the Pause/Resume options.

Loom is an efficient tool for making video notes, 100% free of charge.

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