Awesome New Tab Customization Plugins

One of the most important elements of your online experience is the ‘new tab’ page. However, Chrome’s ‘new tab’ page, by default does not have much in terms of features and aesthetic appeal. The good news is that you do not have to be stuck with the default new tab page as there are some amazing New Tab customization extensions and apps that make each new page tab more functional and appealing. Here are some of the best extensions.

New MetroTab

The New MetroTab certainly qualifies to be recognized among the most functional Chrome extensions. The tool is one of the most faithful duplications of the look and feel of Windows 8 Start Screen. The extension can also be used as a quick launcher for apps, site, and bookmarks in Chrome. The extension is also quite easy to install.

Upon installation, you will realize that the app adds Gmail, Weather, Flickr, Google Calendar, Twitter, 500px, Tumblr, and Facebook, and other live tiles to your Chrome new tab page. The app also comes with numerous customization alternatives, allowing the user to remove or add tiles as you desire, alter backgrounds and colors, and make many other changes.


The momentum new tab extension is quite popular for its aesthetic appeal as much as for its productivity. The amazing extension comes with a fresh and soothing wallpaper every day, accompanied by a beautiful motivational quote. Other features of Momentum include weather information, a clock, as well as shortcuts for custom search, links, and apps. The extension also offers the user a chance to list all their to-dos in a way that is not intrusive.

Momentum Chrome Extension (2)


Although the Momentum new tab extension may not bring with it tons of features, but it is easy to use, with a minimalistic look that carries few, yet crucial features.  

Speed Dial 2

This another very popular and functional New Tab extension. Speed Dial 2 come with cool-looking visual bookmarks, with the option of sorting your favorites into categories for prompt access. The extension also comes with speed dial that includes a sidebar, which allows you to access recently closed tabs, as well as other chrome applications that you may have installed. Other than commendable functionality, the extension also performs well in terms of looks, with many beautify customizable themes to pick from.

Speed Dial 2 Chrome Extension

The Speed Dial 2 New Tab extension is focused solely on allowing users to quickly access their favorite websites, an area in which it performs commendably well.


Arguably one of the most robust New Tab Chrome customization plugins in the market, OneFeed comes with an amazing design and incredible features. The app pulls in feeds from your bookmarks and all of the user’s recently accessed sites, connects to the user’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, with the goal of keeping the user updated on the events on their social networks. The app even connects you to Google Drive and Dropbox to allow you to search files in the cloud or the web from the tab’s search bar.


When it comes to detail, Home is certainly among the top New Tab extensions that completely revamp your browsing experience. The extension, which bears an appearance of an Android launcher interface, introduces shortcuts to several webpages, calendar, time and date, and recently closed tabs. There are also useful badges for Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook Messenger, and Google Calendar.

Home Chrome Extension (2)

Our verdict is that the extension looks amazing and functions well owing to its ability to redefine your New Tab experience through apps and notifications.

Earth View

Another notable New Tab Extension, Earth View replaces your conventional New Tab with an amazing satellite image obtained from Google Earth. These images are altered each time you open a new tab, making the experience ever more glorious. The only downside is that you will need to have a good internet connection if the extension is to show you a new image for every new tab.

We give this extension a high score for aesthetic appeal, but an average score for the fact that you have to have a decent connection to experience its beauty.

An extensive New Tab extension that excels in functionality is, which seeks to enhance the productivity of your browsing experience. The useful extension comprises widgets or blocks, which include such applications as calendar, email, bookmarks, news, among many others. Furthermore, the widgets can be customized easily. The entire page can also be personalized with different backgrounds and transparency. extension Chrome (2)

We need to caution, however, that some users may find somewhat overwhelming, and may take long to load when working on a weak Internet connection.  


For those who desire flat design and simplicity, then this is the extension for you. Currently is an extension that simply shows the user the weather conditions where the user is as well as the current time. The app can be customized with different colors, and the location can be entered manually. This tool is all about elegance and simplicity, something that is achieved really well, though it does not have much in terms of features.

To conclude, the New Tab page is something you see innumerable times each day, and should not only be appealing to look at but should also possess the functionality that enhances your browsing experience. With these extensions, you can make your new tab page more productive and functional. Install any of these extensions and spice up your New Tab page.

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